Notice Date: Thursday, July 25th

PV93.ORG - After Reunion Sales | Chairman’s Report (‘12/’13 Annual Report) | and Tentative Transition Plan. 07.25.13.

ATTENTION: PV93.ORG, Inc. - Parkview c/o ’93 20 Year Class Reunion Classmates and Guests: Please find my 20 Year Class Reunion Chairman’s Report/(and/or the PV93.ORG, Inc. 2012/2013 Annual Report) online at: Click Here to read/download.

“After reunion sales” are now open and will wind up absolutely on: Monday, August 5th, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. CST. Please visit: for prices, tentative fulfillment schedules, and terms of sales, etc. IF you are interested in any after reunion white tees, engraved glasses and/or pictures/video’s etc.

After Monday, August 5th I will begin to transition from a ‘lead operator role’ to more of a ‘guidance role’ until at least all final reunion orders made by the Aug. 5th deadline have been fulfilled and all reunion/organization taxes have been filed while under my leadership with the proper state and federal tax reporting agencies.

Tentatively, I am planning to stay on and/or at least be available as a resource until at least the 15th of October, 2013 when the cruise phase (option) of our 20 year class reunion has also been completed. After the August 5th “after reunion sales” deadline has pasted please expect correspondence from classmate and board member Pamela Hopkins who will help to lead the transition process from my leadership to the 25 year team going forward. IF you have any interest in serving as either a board/committee member and/or the 25 year chairman then please email: NOW today and no later than the 5th of August and let her know! While I plan to remain a resource at least until the 15th of October, 2013, after the 5th of August Ms. Hopkins will start to become the main point of contact for PV93.ORG, Inc. :_)

Thanks again to everyone who played a role in this past reunion’s success and Thank You for allowing me an opportunity to serve you; it has truly been my absolute privilege, pleasure and honor!


Will G. Louden™

PV93.ORG, Inc.

20 Year Reunion Chairman

Notice Date: Monday, July 22nd

PV93.ORG - White Tee | 20 Year Glasses & Picture/Video Sales. 07.21.13.

Attention Class:

IF you are interested in a white tee, glasses and/or pictures/video please email us at: and let us know no later than Monday, August 5th, 2013. Please pay via Paypal (at that exact same email address) no later than that same day for your order total. Sales open tomorrow and close Monday, August 5th, 2013. There won’t be an online form so please email us IF you have any interest in the white tees, glasses and/or pictures/video.

Please refer to my Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 communication for all prices, terms of sales and tentative delivery dates, etc.


Will G. Louden™

Chairman: PV93.ORG, Inc.

Notice Date: Wednesday, July 17th

SAMPLE Video from Picnic: 7 Second Picnic Bit

PV93 - White Tees | Pictures/Video | and Engraved Glasses - Mass Class Blast. 07.17.13.

Hello Class:

I just finished reviewing all of the RAW video footage from all of the reunion events with exception to the church services. From what I’ve seen everybody brought their “A Game” and looked more than the part!!! Tomorrow I’ll submit all of he raw video footage I have to Ms. Evelyn James, Chair L.R. Events for her final editing touch before submitting the final official reunion video to Pam to be shipped to all classmates who purchased picture/video packages. IF you have not purchased a picture/video package and you now want to don’t worry there’s still time! Most of the video came out exceptional! I’ve uploaded a sample 7 second bit from the picnic when we completed the group shot! Take a look and then let us know IF you’d also like to purchase a video. So far we have the following classmates down as purchases of pictures and/or video please let us know IF you are also interested beginning Monday, July 22nd, 2013 (names omitted from online version/posting).

The 20 year reunion was an absolute and unequivocal success and I want to again send a BIG Thanks to everyone who played a role in its success!!! :_)

Now on to business, below are details about the sale of the special white reunion tees (White Tees), a special opportunity to purchase a select (after reunion) version of the 20 year engraved glass and a final opportunity to purchase official reunion pictures and/or video IF interested. The basic terms of all sales are below as well.

We will most likely bring online an online order form just like last time and then you can go there place your orders and submit a quick payment via paypal. This system is scheduled to be completed and go online sometime over this weekend in anticipation of the opening of sales on Monday. There will be links to it from PV93.ORG!

White Tee Sales:

White Tee Sales are:    US $15.00/Tee includes shipping
Sales Open: Monday, July 22nd, 2013
Absolute Sales Close: Monday, August 5th, 2013
All Final Payments & Orders Due: Monday, August 5th, 2013
Orders Expected Placed to Screen Printer:  Friday, August 9th, 2013
Shirts Expected Back: Friday, August 30th, 2013
Shirts Shipped to Classmates: Friday, September 06th, 2013

20-Year Reunion Engraved Glasses Sales:

ONE Glass US $15.00 includes shipping
Set of 4:  US $45.00 including shipping
Set of 6:  US $65.00 including shipping
Set of 8:  US $85.00 including shipping
Set of 12: US $125.00 including shipping
Sales Open:  Monday, July 22nd, 2013
Absolute Sales Close:  Monday, August 5th, 2013
All Final Payments & Orders Due:  Monday, August 5th, 2013
Orders Expected Placed to Engraver:  Friday, August 9th, 2013
Glasses Expected Back:  Friday, August 30th, 2013
Gasses Shipped to Classmates: Friday, September 06th, 2013

This is an opportunity to purchase a complete dining room set of our 20-year reunion engraved glasses for your home bar, dining room, home office and/or work office, etc. go ahead and indulge and show our school pride by purchasing a complete after reunion set!

Digital Picture/Video Sales:
Pictures Only: US $15.00 includes shipping
Video Only: US $20.00  includes shipping
Pictures & Video:  US $30.00 includes shipping
Sales Open: Monday, July 22nd, 2013
Absolute Sales Close:  Monday, August 5th, 2013
All Final Payments & Orders Due: Monday, August 5th, 2013
Orders Expected Placed to Burner:  Friday, August 9th, 2013
Media Burn Expected Complete: Friday, August 30th, 2013
Media Shipped to Classmates: Friday, September 06th, 2013

For a limited time only (picture/video sales only): IF you purchase a picture/video package on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 before midnight then the price will only be US $20 for the official reunion pictures and video, but this will be a ONE day sale only and for the pictures and video only, after midnight on Monday then the picture/video package purchase price reverts back to US $15 for pictures only and US $20 for video only and/or US $30 for pictures and video. We want as many people to experience the timeless joy of this reunion as possible!

Sales for all above items officially open: Monday, July 22nd and absolutely close Monday, August 5th, 2013 @ 5:00 p.m. CST.

All sales are final. Payment in full is expected at the time of the order. No refunds will be given. All prices include shipping and handling. A small administrative handling fee will be deducted from all sales before final order fulfillment. All 20-year reunion sales in excess of US $500 less the small administrative fee will be donated to scholarship (Parkview students only). The board will upon all final shipment of all sale items and satisfaction of all other outstanding 20-year reunion debts and/or obligations set aside and/or attempt to set aside US $500 for the 25 year reunion planning. IF US $500 is not achievable then any and all remaining funds less administrative handling fees will be set aside for the 25 year reunion planning!

White Tee’s:

The White Tee’s will be exactly like the red and blue tees. The shirts will b white and have a 2 color ink front. Only adult sizes are available for this final order process.

The Engraved Glasses:

The engraved glasses will differ slightly from the 20 year banquet attendee glasses. The ‘after reunion’ glasses will not have the letters “c/o” in the middle as the special 20 year engraved banquet glasses did.

Digital picture and Video Sales:

The digital pictures and/or video sales will be delivered via USPS mail service. The pictures and video will be burned onto a CD and/or DVD.

There may be some slight order fulfillment variation (faster and/or slower) from the above published days and times due to supplier demand and/or scheduling. Rest assured however that we will get you your orders as fast as possible!

Sales will officially open next Monday, July 22nd, 2013!


Will G. Louden™

Chairman: PV93.ORG, Inc.

Notice Date: Monday, July 8th - 20 Year Reunion Winding Up | Credentials & Elections. 07.08.13.

Parkview Class of 1993 recent registrants and guests first off THANK YOU!

Thanks to you and the 20 year reunion organizing committee and an exceptionally resourceful list of committed, loyal and resourceful sponsors our 20 year class reunion came off without so much as a glitch (all things considered).

Please allow me this opportunity to say thank you for allowing me the distinct pleasure, privilege and opportunity to serve as your 20 year class reunion chairman.

Right now I’m taking a few days to decompress and then next week I’ll be right back at it transitioning from ‘reunion operator’ to windup and elections coordinator.

Winding Up Unfinished Business:

At the start of next week I’ll present this standing board with the name of a classmate who is interested in serving as a “credentials chairperson.” Last evening I spoke at length to this classmate and they offered some excellent ideas as to how to transition this board and my term as well as how to best handle an election process going forward.

The basic function of this committee would be to review the backgrounds, career vitas, and platforms, etc. for any interested “next reunion chairmen,” and then present no more than 5 names of all interested candidates to the entire class to vote on.

Then that chair would be allowed to select all of their co-seats with the exception to a potential seat or two which could be reserved for any past committee member (either 10-year OR 20-year) and another seat for a potential knowledgeable consultant. I learned a lot from this past process and I think that this would be the best potential way forward.

This person also thought that I should sit on the credentials committee. I really don’t want to overly influence that process. I’d really rather sit at the parenting committee until my replacement has been identified and then the reigns successfully transferred. I am interested in completing this process as soon as possible/practical (IF possible). They thought that the process could take up to a year. I would prefer that my official tenure end in no more than 90 days IF and at all possible. In the next 5 to 6 months I’m planning on doing some extensive international travel and I really do not want to have too much heavy responsibilities when and IF I leave the country for an extended and unspecified period of time.

IF you have any interest in serving on this potential credentials committee be prepared to let me know next week and I’ll pass your name and information on to the standing board and that committee chairman for a vote. That committee selection process should be straight forward! :_)

IF you are planning on running for the ‘chairman’ role then don’t consider the “credentials committee,” and let me know that next week as well!

Finally, me and that potential credentials committee chairman are of the mindset that we really need to get this process underway now and completed as soon as practical because even though we call it our 25 year reunion the 5th year has technically already begun and it may take upwards to 2 years to successfully plan an all out 25 year extravaganza, so the sooner we transition, get that committee in place, nominate and vote on officers and then they get going on bylaws, policies and procedures, etc. the better! That committee will or may need a much more considerable amount of time to get a grasp on the planning of our 25 year “silver anniversary.”

BTW I don’t think that you need be in Little Rock OR Arkansas for that matter to be chairman or even to serve. That chair would just have to have a committee member or two that’s in the central Arkansas as the process really ramps up. We met only about 3 times and I was no where neat Arkansas for about 9 months leading all the way up to the reunion. So IF you have the skills, desire, background and will to serve then please by all means place your name in the hat to the eventual ‘credentials committee.’

Pending Tee Shirt, Pictures & Other Sales:

Next week I’ll reconvene the standing 20 year board and we will begin to wind up all remaining 20 year business which includes the white tee purchases, picture and video package purchases and other purchases.

Please expect another mass class blast from me regarding that process sometime next week!

I’ve also published a post reunion press/media release including pictures and select documents pertaining to our invited guests and our internal communications online at:


Thanks again and I’ll talk to you next week!


Will G. Louden™

Chairman: PV93.ORG, Inc.

Notice Date: Wednesday, July 3rd

Greetings Class:

I know that I said that my last ‘pre-reunion,’ Mass Class Blast would be last Wednesday, June 26th, but below are a ‘few final housekeeping’ items to consider! I hope you’re getting ready for an action packed and fun filled weekend! :_)

Registration Check in & School Tour:

Attached are copies of the FINAL reunion and banquet itineraries. Please make note of all days, times and venues, etc. Several requests have been made to make available the reunion registration packages after the allotted day/time.

Class, WE NEED your help class to make certain that this reunion operates as smoothly as possible! :_) We will do our absolute best to accommodate class member requests to mail tee’s who were not able to make it and let us know beforehand.

Parkview has granted our class use of the school from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday. IF you prefer, you can pop in and pick up your registration materials and then head back out and we’ll see you at the remaining events.

Please try and make the school check in on time so that we can get off to a GREAT 20-year class reunion weekend start!!! :_)

Your registration and check in packets will have your tee’s, itineraries and all event tickets inside.

PV93.ORG - Parkview Alumni Association Launch:

I have GREAT news!!! Yesterday we gained a 100% PV93.ORG, Inc. board approval to launch and/or otherwise spearhead “an all class alumni association” for our high school. A DRAFT press/media release is attached for your review. Look it over and let us know IF you have any objections ASAP. The release is scheduled to go out to the media the Monday following the reunion weekend. BTW I know that it says we’ll be voting Saturday night, well we are asking you to vote now by voicing any objections that you may have. We will assume that every one will be in favor of this venture since it will do so much for our school, community, city and state. We’ll be partying Saturday night NOT voting. LOL! :_)

Also be thinking about IF you’d like to serve on either this board OR the PV93 board. Make no mistake about it, this will be a very massive undertaking and anyone who is selected and/or desires to sit on the “founding board” should be aware of the commitment involved. IF tapped/selected to serve, please plan to serve with dignity, grace and honor b/c these types of opportunities don’t come along everyday!!!

Ground Floor Founding Membership Deal:

Members and guests of the Parkview Class of 1993 are hereby invited to participate in this once in a lifetime ground floor funding opportunity. The basic setup and establishment of this venture is going to require a small amount of seed capital to pull off and get started.

The board is therefore interested in offering all members of the class of 1993 (and guests) a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the soon to be created organization for US $20 per classmate and US $15 per classmate guest/spouse. Additional membership details for family and friends, etc. are forthcoming.

You need not to have attended the 10 or 20 year reunion to accept this offer, just be a member of the Parkview Class of 1993 to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

This initial lifetime membership opportunity is available for 3 up to weeks after the 20 reunion has ended. This deal also comes with one special 2 color White Tee that resembles our 20 year reunion tee except it will have the words: “Alumni Association Founder” at the bottom.

Patrick Ishee we have an idea for a NEW alumni association logo. Please expect a follow up from me AFTER the reunion IF you are interested in donating another one to this developing cause! You sir did an absolute exceptional job with the 20-year logo and I know that you can more than handle the alumni association logo as well! :_)

As a possible point person on this potential venture I’m nominating Pamela Hopkins as a potential, “founding executive director.” She knows of my interest in having her serve as the founding exec dir but hasn’t accepted the possible appointment yet. Both Henry Brooks and Evelyn James are interested in serving as founding board members. All further details regarding the venture are forthcoming.

As always this communication and all other Mass Class Blast(s) are also online at:

Class that’s all for now, it’s time we reunite and celebrate a superstar 20 year reunion weekend for all classmates and guests!


Will G. Louden™

PV93.ORG, Inc.
20-Year Reunion Chair

Notice Date: Wednesday, June 26th - Alcohol will NOT be allowed at the Parkview Class of 1993 Picnic. 06.26.13.

The FINAL word on BYOB:

I just received the below communication from our classmate Ms. Zoretta Sanders-Finley and immediately called the City of Little Rock to verify the contents of her communication.

First off Ms. Finley, THANK YOU tremendously for your correspondence! It’s timely AND very highly appreciated!!! Good looking out!

Turns out Ms. Finley is 100% correct! The BYOB phase of the picnic is now canceled! PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY ALCHOL or cigarettes to this event.

While I understand that we (our class) will have 100% exclusive usage of the War Memorial Park Pavilion on the 6th of July it is in deed illegal to: (1) Consume Alcohol; (2) Smoke, (3) Play Loud Music and (4) Carry and/or Have a Firearm in any of the city’s park’s.

With our ‘major beverage sponsor’ now officially on board with 100% of the Picnics drinks, no one will need any alcohol anyway! We will all be drinking that sponsor’s product, water (or Bring Your Own other “nonalcoholic” Beverage)! :_)

A word on the Picnic’s venue. I am at this point somewhat extremely disappointed in the lack of communication from the board member who was directly in charge of both this venue selection and the lack of advisement to the board and its vote on the BYOB phase thereof. During deliberations I repeatedly asked for and did not receive the ‘terms of the park’ deal only up until about 2 weeks ago. That particular deal was apparently (initially closed without official board approval) some more than 3 months ago.

To this date the rules of the park’s usage still hasn’t been provided by this particular board member. I should not have had to call the city to find that out on someone else’s deal! Nevertheless I take my role as chairman seriously and responsibility for not knowing that alcohol would not be allowed.

Anyway, I suppose that all of that is (OR SHOULD be) water under the preverbal bridge due to Ms. Finley’s timely communication to me!

Zoretta, THANK YOU again for this information! I have you down on my “short list” LOL for a potential 25 year and/or ALL classes board!

That attention to detail is what makes and/OR can make events such as ours come off without a hitch and lessen embarrassment at a bare minimum and more seriousness in a more grander case.

My apologies to the class for this confusion. This will NOT be an alcoholic event.


Will G. Louden™

PV93.ORG, Inc.
20-Year Reunion Chair

  Zoretta Sanders-Finley Unedited Email Message to Me:
  “It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages in a public park. This is an Arkansas State Law. You should not be encouraging people to do otherwise. As this is a holiday weekend and it is highly likely that we will NOT be in the only people in War Memorial Park we also need to be considerate of the other residents of Arkansas. Why bring unnecessary trouble if we don't have to because people here will call the police on you. Riverfest is a state-function that requires people to file a request with the state department for a liquor permit to sell their beverages. I seriously doubt that the committee has made such a request to the city of Little Rock. Some things are just common sense and the BYOB should no longer be a debate. It is ILLEGAL that's all that needs to be said."

Notice Date: Wednesday, June 26th - Parkview Class of 1993 FINAL Pre-Reunion Update. 06.26.13.

PV93.ORG - Parkview Class of 1993 20-Year Reunion Registrants and Guests:

Class the magical moment is ALMOST here! Please accept this as my last pre-reunion “Mass Class Blast!!!” This time next week I know that many of you will be making your way to the capital city for what we hope will be a PV93.ORG - Parkview class of 1993 20-year class reunion experience that none of us will soon forget!

Below are a few final housekeeping items that are intended to make this reunion the best that it can be for everyone involved! Please keep in mind that this and all other mass reunion communications are also published online at:

Official Reunion Attendee Tee Shirts:

I just got off the phone (06/25/13) with our official reunion Red and Blue tee shirt supplier and I’m very pleased to report to you that the shirts are DONE and will be on their way to Arkansas later on today for a Friday (06/28/13) delivery.

The tee shirts, official reunion itineraries AND event tickets, etc. will all be available for pickup at the high school Friday, July 5th from NOON to 2:00 p.m. When you arrive at the school please head to the North Side of the cafeteria to check in and ‘get going!!!’

LRSD DRAFT Award Plaque Design Attached:

The tentative draft award plaque design for the LRSD is also attached. One of our board members has made a final request for the engraver to add Parkview (the school name) to the award as well. I just got off the phone (06/25/13) with the current principal of Parkview, Dr. Booth and he will also be joining us along with the LRSD school board president at Arthur’s on the 6th to receive the award and be recognized at our banquet.

The FINAL Reunion Numbers/Registered Guests:

There are 73 confirmed and fully paid reunion adults and 39 children. 2 accounts remain outstanding and unpaid. The committee will provide a final listing of all reunion attendees and guests AFTER the official check-in on July 5th. Please note that while only classmates need to be present to “check in” during the school tour on the 5th of July, your guests are also welcome to attend the school tour as well! :_)

IF you are interested and ok with everyone knowing that you will be in attendance before the official check-in, then please log onto the official Parkview Class of 1993 Facebook page where several requests for “an official list” have been made and let your intensions be known there.

Due to privacy issues and concerns the board is not in a position to release any sort of ‘official list of reunion attendees’ at this point. Thank you for your understanding.

A Final Word on the BYOB Picnic:

First off, I am very excited to report that shortly before departing Las Vegas for Little Rock last Thursday I received a telephone call from a central Arkansas beverage executive officially signing on as a “reunion beverage sponsor” and donating ALL of the drinks necessary for the picnic phase for the reunion. This is simply outstanding!

They have agreed to provide and/or otherwise supply/(donate) enough ‘product’ to accommodate every man, woman and child with at least 2 to 3 nonalcoholic beverages in attendance at the picnic at War Memorial.

While this sponsorship potentially eliminates the need for anyone to “BYOB,” the committee remains steadfast in our early on decision to allow BYOB where everyone who elects to is both “responsible” and “respectful” of all in attendance by “covering it up!”

We have received some degree of feedback and a request has been made to reconsider allowing BYOB due to the fact that it’s a “family event” and children will be present, and that, “children and alcohol do not mix.” My response to the concerned classmate is below.

“Thank you for your concerns and weigh in! The board made the decision to have/offer a “BYOB picnic” some time ago when the original registration form and all events were set forth and approved.

It is not uncustomary for alcohol to be ‘discretely consumed’ at public events where children are present like: State Fair(s), River Fest, and College and Professional Sporting events.

We have made every effort to ensure that this scheduled 2 hour event comes off without a hitch and that everyone is responsible and wise about their choices. We do not anticipate many adult guests participating in the BYOB phase of the picnic but IF they do then we have asked that they “cover it up” which is more in compliance with state ‘open container’ law(s) than any other perceived objective (it either has to be in a cup/container OR covered up). We aren’t advocating cups so we anticipate that everyone will be in compliance!

Again thank you for your concerns/input and I’ll be sure and include another word about the BYOB portion of the picnic in my next and final scheduled Mass Class Blast this coming Wednesday, June 26th, 2013.”

Tentative Reunion Schedule(s):
The official and tentatively FINAL reunion schedule has been attached for your interest and/or review. FINAL schedules will be provided during the official reunion check in and school tour on Friday, July 5th!

White Reunion Tee Shirt Purchase Opportunity:
The board made a decision on last Friday (06/21/13) to extend the sale of reunion tee shirts beyond the reunion for a period of about 2 to 3 weeks. This decision was made to accommodate a number of additional inquiries from class members who will not and/or are not able to attend the reunion. Details on the “White Tee Sales” are below.

These sale orders will open during the official reunion check-in and will run for about 2 to 3 weeks after the reunion. These shirts will be White with a two color ink just like the Red and Blue shirts. We will not be ordering and/or printing any more Red and/or Blue tee shirts. Those will only be made available to official reunion attendees and guests.

Official reunion attendees and guests (who did not register late) and who have already ordered a Red and Blue tee, this will be your opportunity to complete your collection (IF you like) by ordering a “White Tee Too” (in addition to your Red Tee and Blue Tee).

This is your chance to have a Red, White AND Blue PV93.ORG - Parkview c/o 1993 20-Year Class Reunion (3) Tee Shirt collection!!!

Again, these special White reunion tee shirts are scheduled to go on sale July 5th and run for about 3 weeks AFTER the reunion. The price per tee is to be determined (but is scheduled to be about US $15/tee plus shipping and handling).

Preliminary Reunion Operations Report:
Finally, given this being a nonprofit venture and in the interest of “public disclosure;” I felt it necessary to share a few preliminary numbers with you about our performance so far. For anyone with some degree of ‘constructive criticism’ we will welcome it AFTER the reunion has been completed where everyone is allowed an opportunity to refocus and recalibrate.

There is a time and a place to voice your ‘best practices next time,’ but that time is not now NOR will it be at the reunion. I’m asking that this process be respected and you will receive an opportunity to either serve and/or let us know how you felt about the ‘final production sequence,’ after this reunion has been completed.

I have also been made aware of several people’s interest in possibly serving on a “25 year committee and/or ‘silver anniversary committee.’”

While everyone’s interest is very noble and highly appreciated the time for officers, directors and/or subsequent committee memberships for any other subsequent operation is also not now. I will make note of everyone who has voiced their interest to me and then present it to the board as we start to wind down and do some sort of “post reunion organizational planning,” which will also take place AFTER this reunion.

Finally, a board member presented me with an idea for our class to create and/or help to spearhead some sort of, “Parkview all classes alumni association,” some time ago. Again while I think that this is a very noble idea and could do wonders for both the school, the city and the state my response was, ‘let’s get through this reunion and then see where we are.’ IF you have any interest in serving on a 25-year venture and/or some sort of potential grander all classes venture be prepared to let me and/or any other standing board member know AFTER the reunion.

Now on to my Preliminary Report:

So far we are holding at around 73 to 75 adults and 39 children. We have right at 30 reunion sponsors and backers in some capacity (including the board members and each of our respective families). We have just under US $6,500 in some sort of reunion club account(s). We are currently operating the reunion totally and completely in the BLACK and we are looking to finish with a positive NET result!

With all things considered I think that “your 20-year committee,” has and continues to do an exceptional job producing these upcoming set of events with the US $70 per paying adult rate (for the earliest registrants and guests) being the budget benchmark! Team a BIG thank you so far!

I would also like to say Thank You to everyone else who all “chipped in” in some form/fashion and helped to make all of this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your support has been absolutely critical! I am honored and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve!  :_)

Patriots/Class, soon it will be time to celebrate! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ W.G.L.

That’s all for now! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_)


Will G. Louden™

PV93.ORG, Inc.
20-Year Reunion Chair

Honored to Serve!

Notice Date: Wednesday, June 19th - Parkview Class of 1993 Reunion Update. 06.19.13.

PV93.ORG - Parkview Class of 1993 20-Year Reunion Registrants and Guests:

Class, we are now just under two weeks out from the official kick off of our 20-Year reunion in Little Rock! Are you getting ready? Are you fired up? Are you excited? I sure hope so because I am!

Enclosed are several reunion updates and advisories, etc. Also as a reminder all weekly email updates leading up to the reunion are also published online at:

Tentatively FINAL Reunion Registered Guests:
Monday, June 17th we reported our tentatively final registration numbers to several of our reunion suppliers and sponsors. The report is EXCEPTIONAL! You signed up in force and this just goes to show why we are called PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_)

As of Monday, June 17th we have 77 confirmed registered reunion adults and 35 children (with only 3 outstanding accounts).

This is going to be absolute FUN!

A Word on Tipping & ‘The Extras and Add On’s’:
Just as a heads up please plan to have some ‘extra cash’ on hand. Alcoholic beverages consumed during the banquet are extra;

PV93 banquet orders include food (salad course, main course, dessert, etc.), soft drinks, water, coffee and tea, etc. Alcoholic beverages are not included.

Also drink tickets for Friday night’s Mix and Mingle will have a US $3.00 CASH value. Each registered adult will receive 2 of these tickets which can be redeemed for a special reunion alcoholic ‘signature drink.’ IF you desire to order a more (or less) expensive ‘adult beverage’ OR nonalcoholic drink then please by all means feel free to do so!

The first US $3.00/drink for two of your drinks will be covered by PV93. Be prepared to cover anything over US $3.00 for non-signature drink orders.

Also throughout the reunion weekend there will be several ‘service staff’ and vendors who have provided us with exceptional rates. They make it possible for all of the fun to happen and for the reunion to also operate in the BLACK!

The committee is therefore strongly encouraging ‘a little something extra’ IF you are having a good time and/or see someone doing something right! Tipping is appropriate and highly encouraged! :_)

Requests for Pictures/Video and Memory Statement(s):
The committee is now fine tuning the banquet program. We are requesting 2 to no more than 3 pictures of you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, etc. work or play, past or present. Birth of your first child? Marriage? College graduation? Special recognition??? Words of encouragement?! Please send it and share it!!!

We are also interested in ANY interesting stories, news clippings, highlights, etc. of the past or present that you are willing to share at our 20-Year reunion awards banquet and comedy show.

Please send all pictures and memory statements to: with the words “PV93 Materials” in the subject line no later than Tuesday, June 25th.

Picnic & BYOB:
Please prepare to cover all BYOB ‘adult beverages’ during the “family picnic” in the park.

Your favorite koozie might be a bit ‘cooler’ than that usual ‘brown bag’ solution which can also be employed to meet the objective.

At any rate this is a “family friendly event” in the park and we’re asking anyone who decides to BYOB to keep it cool and ‘cover it up!’ LOL :_)

Tentative Reunion Schedule(s):
While all tentative and final reunion schedules will be provided during the school tour and reunion check in, please be on the lookout for the next email update next Wednesday, June 26th where we ‘may’ make a tentative schedule available before the reunion.

That’s all for now! Let’s get those pictures, video, and stories flowing!


Will G. Louden™

PV93.ORG, Inc.
20-Year Reunion Chair

Notice Date: Wednesday, June 12th

PV93.ORG – Parkview Class of 1993 20-Year Reunion Registrants and Guests:

Class – It’s coming down to the wire! Please find enclosed many necessary and useful reunion updates!

First off – OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patriots we knew you’d do it! So far we’re holding at around 75 registered reunion adults and 35 children. We are excited and looking forward to everyone’s attendance!

LRSD Award Press/Media Release:
Beginning today, Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 the attached FINAL press/media release pertaining to the award of recognition to the Little Rock School District will be sent out and published on PV93.ORG! We will also bring it to the attention to select Arkansas media as well over the next few days!

Reunion Tee Shirts:
On Monday June 10th the committee officially ordered the reunion tee shirts. We ordered a ‘few’ extras just in case anyone wants to purchase any additional. A BIG thanks to Mr. Ishee again for the design!

The tee shirts will be available for pick up on Friday, July 5th during the reunion check in and school tour at Parkview.

Registration Check In:

The registration check in will take place as scheduled at Parkview on Friday, July 5th. During check in you’ll receive all final reunion venues, tickets, tee shirts, and schedules, etc.

Please make every effort to make the registration check in window on time! This will really be the one and only time that we will be able to hand out tee shirts and all final reunion itineraries. We can’t be responsible for any left and/or not picked up tees after July 5th.

Pictures & Video:
Reunion picture and video orders will be sent out to your address on file within (or before) 2 weeks AFTER the reunion. Pictures and video will be licensed to you with an unlimited worldwide personal, noncommercial use. All PV93.ORG event pictures and video rights will remain 100% the sole property of PV93.ORG, Inc.
IF you are interested in purchasing PV93.ORG pictures and video and you haven’t already done so then please email and let us know ASAP. IF you have we know and will make arrangements to get you copies after the reunion as planned!

Picnic & BYOB:
The family picnic will be held at Little Rock’s War Memorial Park. While this is a BYOB event we are asking that anyone/registrant who “brings their own” to please be responsible. We want this to be the safest and best reunion possible.

Tentative Reunion Schedule(s):
All tentative and final reunion schedules will be provided during the school tour and reunion check in. Some additional ‘tentative information’ may be provided in the days to come but final schedules won’t be made available until the 5th of July.

Payments & Balances:

- Registration: Again a BIG THANK YOU to ALL reunion registrants and guests who have already paid and are ready to go. We have about 10 total accounts with outstanding balances. Roughly 87% of all reunion registrants and guests have already FULLY paid and are confirmed and ready to go. IF you still haven’t paid and are waiting to do so then please remember that ALL final reunion balances are due in full no later than the 15th day of June via paypal ONLY, with the exception of one account opting to mail in a money order no later than the 15th absolute payment deadline.

Because of current and pending reunion supplier relationships we are not and/or most likely will not be in a position to extend ANY payment dates beyond the 15th, so all unconfirmed and unpaid registrations will be subject to cancellation and most likely denied admission after June 15th, 2013.

- Pictures/Video:

Picture and video orders that were recently placed and added to reunion registrations on the June 7th “request for additional information form” will be billed shortly and will be due before the 5th of July. These orders will not subject an already “fully paid registration” to cancellation.

- Scholarship Donation(s):
Registrants and guests who expressed interest in a potential scholarship donation to a future Parkview grad will receive additional information either during the reunion and/or in a separate communication after the reunion. We would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest!

That’s all for now! The reunion is coming together in a grand fashion and we really can’t wait to see everyone there!!!!!!! July 5th will be here BEFORE we know it!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and/or any other board/committee member with any comment, question and/or concern that you may have!


Will G. Louden™

PV93.ORG, Inc.
20-Year Reunion Chair

Notice Date: Friday, May 31st

               Greetings Parkview Class of 1993 20-year class reunion attendees and guests! By now you should received an official registration confirmation email resembling this one (download here).

               IF you have not received an official confirmation email by now, please email us at: let us know ASAP!

               Please verify everything in your registration and reply to the request for more information no later than the close of business this Friday (06/07/13). Please email your request for more information answers to:

               The Little Rock Events Chair, Ms. Evelyn James will be ordering the tee shirts soon; and the Little Rock Events Co-Chair, Ms. Pam Hopkins will be providing your preliminary banquet orders to our banquet partner soon as well. So we have to know what your wishes are NO LATER than Friday, June 7th, 2013.

               We are staying on top of everything, working to move the planning along and ensure the highest quality sequence of weekend events possible!

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